Founded in 1976, Tianjin Agricultural University(TJAU) was settled in the present location from Wuqing district, Tianjin in 1985. In 2002, approved by Tianjin Municipal Government, Tianjin Urban and Rural Economic School was incorporated into TJAU. In 1982, TJAU achieved authority of awarding Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in 2006. In 2007, the Ministry of Education awarded TJAU “Distinguish” for the assessment of undergraduate teaching. TJAU has developed into an advanced agricultural university, which is superior in Agronomy and consists of other subjects including Engineering, Science, Management, Economics and Arts. After many years of educational practice, TJAU formed distinctive characteristics of school close to regional economic & social development and serving modern agriculture in the coastal city.

TJAU is occupying 699,300 square meters, with 291,900 square meters of building space together in eastern and western campus. There are 50 teaching libraries in the university and 62.35 million (RMB) in teaching and research facilities; the library is covering 9,275 square meters, possessing 670,000 books. TJAU serves 988 staff including 583 faculty and has appointed 146 famous experts at home and abroad as part-time professor. There are 2 supervisors of Doctors and 35 supervisors of Masters. Among the faculty team, there are 221 professors and associate professors together, 18 professors awarded state government allowance, 1 person entitled specialist professor, 16 professor elected in “131 project”. At present, the university has 14 teaching departments, 32 undergraduate programs in 6 fields and 4 Master programs. The present student enrollment is close to 11,000. Aquiculture and Crop Genetic Breeding are key disciplines. The university has Tianjin Key Laboratory of Aqua-ecology and Aquaculture, the center of Tianjin Modern Fishery Science and Technology, the center of Tianjin Agricultural &Biological Technology, and the center of Flower &Plant Design. The university has established successively China-Japan Joint Center on Palatability and Quality of Rice in Tianjin cooperating with Tokyo University, Tianjin New Technology & Science Application Base for Agriculture Products Processing cooperating with China Agricultural University, and the research center of Agricultural water-saving in Tianijn cooperating with Chinese Academy of Science.

Since the establishment of TJAU, it produces more than 15000 students. More than 450 research projects were gained. Among them, there are 84 research achievements awarded by the provincial department or even higher. There are 5 “863” and “973” projects, 7 National Natural Science Funds projects and 1 National Funds of Social Science project. And there are 372 scientific achievements which have gained independent intellectual property rights, 15 authorized patents. Also, 121 works and translated works have been published. There are more than 2800 published theses, among which 85 theses are included in SCI, EI contents. And there are 32 reform of teaching and research projects and 6 teaching achievements authorized by the provincial department. As the publication, Journal of Tianjin Agricultural University has been awarded national outstanding agricultural journal and listed by more than a database.

In 21st century, TJAU will continue inheriting its school spirit of “preciseness, factualism, comity, and innovation,” to be established in Tianjin, radiating the region around Bohai and try to provide service for the agriculture in coastal urban city (Tianjin). TJAU is striving to develop into a characteristic and advanced agricultural university, in the pursuit of providing talent support for economic construction, social development, and science and technology progress.